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Hosted Desktops – DaaS

Is it time to go virtual?

Redback Systems knows that as the world gets more mobile, many companies want to access their applications, data and content at any time and via a range of devices. But they also want to ensure their data is secure, easy for staff to access and not too expensive to run. This is how DaaS can help - by giving you a virtual desktop as an Internet-based hosted desktop service.

Our desktop virtualization services provide a state-of-the-art user experience while offering high security and keeping costs down. DaaS offers all the benefits of desktop vitualization but without having to buy, build and manage all your own infrastructure – Redback Systems does all of this for you!

Here are just some of the other benefits:

  • For your staff - DaaS provides a high-quality collaboration and communication on their phones and tablets
  • For administrators - DaaS is scalable, easy to use and reliably secure
  • For your business - DaaS increases flexibility and productivity while costing less
Enjoy the freedom of being able to log in from any device wherever you find an Internet connection and work from your home or local coffee house with ease and security.

The Redback Systems experts can create DaaS solutions and migration plans tailored for your exact needs using our tried and tested network and cloud architecture. We can even scale them to adapt to your ever-changing business needs.

If you’re looking for a secure, low maintenance alternative to purchasing, managing and securing desktop software and equipment, talk to one of the experts at Redback Systems today.

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