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Email Solutions

As a business owner, you know how crucial email is to modern organizations of all sizes, and across all industry verticals. But email is no longer just a basic tool, it is something you can use to streamline processes and enhance both internal and external communications. But as we grow increasingly independent on email, ensuring its security is more important than ever before.

Redback Systems offer a full suite of email solutions that help you work more efficiently - and more securely. It’s time to make your email work smarter.

Microsoft Office 365

Thanks to Redback Systems and Microsoft Office 365, working on the go has never been simpler – effectively communicate, collaborate and stay up-to-date, no matter where your business takes you.

The Microsoft Office 365 suite of services includes:

  • Office Professional Plus – collaborate and work on the go with familiar software solutions
  • Exchange Online – cloud computing solutions for a user-friendly and feature-rich email experience
  • SharePoint Online – enhance business collaboration for greater efficiency and productivity
  • Lync Online – stay connected to your business with easy-to-use, reliable communications solutions

Google Apps

Whether you need solutions for video, email, web sites, communication or collaboration, Google Apps is the answer. Our customizable Google Apps services include implementation, migration and support, so your business can reap the benefits of Google technologies with none of the headaches of setting everything up. Google apps are also perfect for working on the go, and are easily adaptable for mobile and tablet platforms.

Google Apps boost productivity. Look at some of the features:

  • Gmail - reliable and dynamic email solutions
  • Google Calendar – shared calendar for detailed planning
  • Google Talk – instant messaging and VoIP
  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets – online document hosting and collaboration
  • Google Sites – team site creation and publishing
  • Start Page – a single, customizable access point for all applications
  • Google Video – Web-based access for your video needs
  • Google Security & Compliance – to better protect your business

All of these services, including preventative maintenance and updates, are available for a flat-rate monthly fee.

Email conversions

Redback Systems experts are experienced in implementing and converting company email systems over to Google Apps and Office365. After doing this hundreds of times we have the process down to a fine art and can ensure.

  • Email signatures, tasks, auto completed contacts, flags and even huge email boxes are converted over to the new system with no losses.
  • Everyone gets a reminder. We sent all employees reminders at least four times so they can be ready. They also get migration plan and status reports.

Make your email work smarter AND protect everything you’ve worked for by getting in touch with Redback Systems today.